WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - Local fire departments in Sedgwick County said they were prepared to respond to grass fires Friday. 

Much of Kansas experienced high fire danger with heavy winds and dry and humid conditions. Assistant Chief Allen Vansteenburg at the Colwich Fire Department said he called in extra staff at the mostly volunteer department. 

“We’re always looking for new people to step in to try to help, and, you know, just go as long and hard as you can until we get some rain or relief,” Vansteenburg said. 

Colwich firefighters also performed all necessary maintenance checks on their trucks. The department has a new brush truck this time around, which replaced an old one. 

“As far as the wind and the temps and all that, today is probably the first big one of this season,” he said. 

If fires did not break out in their jurisdiction, both Colwich and Wichita Fire was prepared to respond to calls for mutual aid across the state. The Wichita Fire Department also re-routed extra members of its wildland team to man its brush trucks Friday. 

“A lot of our individuals have come from former wildland experience, individuals who've worked on various federal agencies across the country, they end up here in Wichita as a full-time firefighter,” Lt. Brian Finan said. 

Finan said Kansas’s extreme drought could contribute to potential grass fires this week. Some grass might be shorter than usual, but it is still flammable. 

“Conditions are ripe right now for us, and they will continue that way, you know until we get some moisture in the area, and then it'll pick back up post first of the year,” he said. “We get right back into the fire season again.”

Wildfires and grass fires cause millions of dollars in damage to property, land, and equipment every year in Kansas. Firefighters said raising awareness of the problem is a key part of the fight. 

“If you have been burning, which I hope you haven't, but make sure you get out now and put water on it,” Vantsteenburg said. “Make sure none of those embers…you might think it's out, but it'll stir it up with this wind, and it will carry a long way.”