WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - Wichita Public Schools says a fight led to a lockdown at West High School on Friday, the same day the school began using new screening devices to detect weapons. 

USD 259 spokesperson Susan Arensman said the fight happened over the noon hour and that additional students tried to join in. She did not give a specific number of students involved. 

The principal called for a lockdown to keep other students in classrooms and away from fights, Arensman said. 

Several parents and students told KAKE News that some students were upset over the school beginning use of the advanced metal detectors. But Arensman said the fight in question had nothing to do with the devices being installed. 

School administrators shared the following message with parents. 

Good afternoon from West High School - Today at lunch we had two students get into an altercation and in the process of adults breaking up this fight other students began to be involved.   We announced for students to return to their 7th hour during the middle of lunch.  When several students did not return to class, as asked, we went into a lockdown where teachers locked their doors and continued teaching.  The students remaining in the halls were escorted to class or out of the building.  Major consequences will be applied to those students leading to the disruption of the normal operation of the school day. 

The behavior of a few will not deter our focus on teaching and learning.  You need to know that last year we had our best graduation rate in 25+ years.  So good that the State of Kansas has removed us from those schools that need additional interventions.  Great things are happening at West.  This will not get in our way of helping our students reach their goals.