LIBERTY, Mo. (KMBC) -- Here kitty kitty kitty...or not.

Police in one part of the Kansas City metro area have a lesson for residents: Don't pick up strange animals.

Liberty, Missouri Police said a woman in the northern part of Liberty needed help after spotting an animal last week and picking it up.

Officers were called to an area near 69 Highway and 33 Highway where the woman saw the animal, which resembled a cat, and picked it up.

That cat was actually a bobcat kitten - and it wasn't very happy with the woman.

Police said the animal bit the woman's thumb after she picked it up.

Did the woman know it was a bobcat when she picked it up? Police aren't sure, but they want to remind residents that bobcats are not uncommon in rural parts of Liberty, and to be careful when picking up strange animals.

Police said in a post on twitter, "A word of advice...if you want to pick up the cute little kitten to pet it, make sure it is not a bobcat first!! They do bite and scratch. #Meow."

Police added the woman didn't need any additional medical attention.

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