WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - Every year during holidays, volunteers in Wichita step up in major ways to make sure those less fortunate aren't forgotten. But this year, someone who's been feeding the homeless on Thanksgiving for years says he ran into the best kind of problem.

"We're getting our bellies filled. Food's good, hot, warm, and people are very kind, caring. Very kind, very giving," said John Adcock and Jesse Gutierrez.

Adcock and Gutierrez are no strangers to hard times, and especially on a day like Thanksgiving, they say they're grateful for things like a free hot meal at The Lord's Diner.

"It's a blessing. It's a blessing because people are out here reaching out. And that's what our town needs," they said.

But who says a big Thanksgiving meal is just for dinner?

"We were out delivering food for the homeless, trying to find as many homeless encampments in Wichita to deliver food," said Mark Miles.

Every year, Miles loads up his van with hundreds of meals like this, and drives all around town giving out free, delicious lunches.

But this year, miles says he couldn't believe what happened for the very first time.

"They had already gotten their Thanksgiving dinner fed, and they really didn't want to take any more," he said.

Miles says so many people were out Thursday giving to the homeless that most of the people he talked to said they couldn't eat another bite. He ended up with more than half of his meals left with no one to give them to – something he says is a good problem to have.

"It makes me very thankful that Wichita is what it is. And they love the community, and would love to give back to the community," said Miles.

Adcock and Gutierrez agree, saying as hard as it is to be homeless, a community like Wichita makes getting back on your feet much easier.

"If you go hungry down here, it's your fault. That's your fault. Because I mean, they've got cookouts and giveaways and handouts everywhere," they said.

Adcock and Gutierrez say if you do find yourself in a position where you're in need, the most important thing is not to be afraid to ask for help. They say places like The Lord's Diner and Convoy of Hope are the reasons they both now have homes.