MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WPDE/CNN Newsource) - Police are still searching for three suspects wanted for attempted burglary in the Waterford Plantation neighborhood of Carolina Forest. 

Agnes Ebert is 92 and says she was watching a Hallmark movie when she heard her security system say the back door was open. That's when two men, masked and each holding a gun, walked into her house. 

"Thought it was a joke that's what I said to the kids, is this a joke? Who are you? And is this a joke? I have a lot of boys and boys like to play jokes, but they never played one like this. But they each had a gun," said Agnes.

She says they then walked out of her house and remained in the neighborhood.

Tim Dearmey lives across the pond from Agnes. He says in his three years of living in Waterford Plantation, he's never seen anything like this. 

"A lot of times you leave the house and you're only going to be gone for an hour so you just leave the doors open," said Dearmey.

Neighbors say they are happy nothing was stolen. However, they feel as if their sense of security has been stripped. Agnes says to never take anything for granted and bad things can happen even in quiet neighborhoods. 

"You have to be like that. It comes with age I think. I have eight children, and almost 30 grandchildren and 27 great-grand children and it just.. you never know what to expect. Although I never expected that," said Agnes.

Neighbors say the incident has spooked them and they hope residents will soon beef up their security systems.

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