WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - Black Friday is this week and stores are already setting their prices for those door-buster deals, as customers are anticipating big savings.

The good news about Black Friday this year is that many retailers are ready for customers to buy and get their products before the holidays. Many are looking to save money because of the economy.

“We definitely plan on getting out for some Black Friday shopping this year. A lot of good deals this year,” said JD Oliver of Wichita.

Oliver is looking to save on a washer and a refrigerator this holiday season. Something he tells us he could have used earlier in the year, but he wants those savings.

“We'll hold on to our old stuff until we can go out and get that discount. Money's tight right in the economy. Really letting out for a big-ticket item is kind of hard for us right now without those discounts,” said Oliver.

At Hephner TV and Electronics, they have their inventory ready and deals set.

“The pricing is all set. It's been set since the beginning of November. And now you just get to reap the benefits. You don't have to wait for a specific day or a specific hour,” said Senior Vice President of Hephner TV and Electronics Michael Hephner.

Senior Vice President Michael Hephner says, the turnaround time if you need to order something is much quicker now compared to pandemic times.

“If we sell out of something they're now able to tell us, you should get it within three to five business days. During COVID we would, I mean literally, I had some people waiting for months for a specific television,” said Hephner.

Some major retailers like Walmart and Target have been posting black Friday deals for weeks, making the savings more than just one day.

But not everyone is excited about Black Friday.

“Nope, absolutely not,” said Megan Taylor of Wichita.

Taylor is looking for Small Business Saturday.

"Crowds, consumerism, I don't know it's just not my thing,” said Taylor.

Most retail stores like Hephner TV and Electronics are closed on Thanksgiving. However, Black Friday is the day they expect an influx of customers.