Beau Ketchum hasn't been feeling well since Friday, and after a visit to the pediatrician today, his mom Haley went to get him some medicine. She says his symptoms have been “mostly the fever and being exhausted. He hasn't had too much of the runny nose but he did start having a cough and it complaining about his ear hurting.”

Beau was prescribed some Amoxicillin, a common antibiotic used to treat bacterial infections. While the Ketchums got some of it Tuesday, recently the drug has been in short supply.

“We started noticing this a couple of weeks ago, we were able to purchase some Amoxicillin to hopefully get us by but right now everybody is out,” Dandurand Pharmacy Manager Ashley Shogren told Kake Tuesday.

The shortage nationwide is being caused in part by a major increase in demand for the drug due to high RSV cases.

The shortage is coming at the worst possible time according to Shogren. “Flu and cold season like we are dispensing Amoxicillin, it's the drug of choice. So we're having a lot of issues."

It's not just Dandurand dealing with this, the owner of Barney’s pharmacy Gorge Saghbene says he’s in the same situation. "I never seen shortages like that before, especially the last six months seems it's kind of been exacerbated.”

Both pharmacies say they are working with doctors to figure out alternatives for patients when possible while also making sure they are getting what they need

Shogren says "especially now with the shortage. We're recommending different products were able to purchase from different sources were also since standards is a unique situation, we're able to compound”.

As for Saghbene, he says “if you want Amoxicillin, we do compounding, not on large scale, but we do take care of our patient. Somebody walks in they absolutely have to have it, we'll take care of it.”

Both also say there are a few things people can do to reduce exposure to any illness. They recommend you get your flu shot, stay home or keep your kid home if they are starting to feel sick, be more hygienic like during the height of the COVID pandemic, and overall just use common sense to avoid any situations where you could get sick.