OVERLAND PARK, Kan. (KMBC/CNN Newsource) - A Kansas family was able to escape unharmed after their home erupted in flames early Friday morning.

The owner's 10-year-old grandson was awakened just in time to get the rest of his family out safely. 

Jeff Jennings said he was having trouble getting his smoker going to cook a brisket for a party, so he used his wet-dry vacuum to clean out some of the damaged pellets from the smoker. 

"When I restarted it after a couple times, an ember, I think, got into my wet-dry vac and I think that's what took off," Jennings said. 

Even after firefighters extinguished the flames, the uncooked brisket was still on the grill. 

Overland Park fire investigators confirmed the vacuum ignited and let to the house fire. Spokesperson Jason Rhodes said it's important to store the spent fuel from grills and fireplaces in metal containers at least 10 feet away from anything that can burn. 

"Spent fuel can stay hot for days," Rhodes said. "And so it's really something you need to treat gingerly."

Fortunately, Jennings' 10-year-old grandson, Jason, heard his bedroom window breaking due to the fire. After he did, he alerted the entire family and they were all able to escape unharmed.