WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - Students at Wichita North High School voted on four potential new mascots Thursday. 

The Wichita Board of Education voted in Feb. 2021 to drop its old one, the Redskins, after deeming it offensive to Native Americans and Native American culture. The four choices Thursday were the Red Storm, Stars, Wolfpack and Red Hawks. 

“Most of North comes from family and tradition, and without a mascot…right now we're just kind of lost without it,” junior Mia Wilson. 

Wichita Public Schools said a committee gathered the options from students, staff, and community members. It is hoping to get input from alumni and students at North High feeder schools on the new mascot as well. 

“There’s a lot of things that will still continue,” Susan Arensman with USD 259 said. “They are not changing anything from the past. So, if you see trophies in their trophy cases or anything, there's nothing that will be removed from the previous mascot. We just know better moving forward.”

The Kansas Board of Education voted last week to recommend all schools with a Native American mascot retire it within the next five years. Arensman said the timing of Thursday’s vote had nothing to do with that decision. 

“It’ll take a process, but you know, the beginning steps are going,” she said. 

Alonzo Samilton, a 2015 North High alumnus, said he understands why the district dropped the Redskin name. However, he said he is not sure if a new mascot will best represent the high school’s community and traditions. 

“When you are taking away the mascot or are changing its name, it's…you're changing its history,” Samilton said. “You're changing people's experiences of their high school, and high school, for me, it set the stage for the rest of my life.”

The results of this week's vote will not be available in the near future. Wichita Public Schools said it hopes to have a new mascot by next year.

“I understand like the whole behind it, how it can be offensive to some people, and I think these options are pretty good, because they're not for like one person, it's for like everything,” junior Avran Holguyn said. 

“For certain aspects, it was a good move,” Wilson said. “I think for the aspect of losing tradition and family, it was kind of a sad move. But otherwise, I think if we need a new change, it's time for a new change.”