It’s not every day we meet a person who has lived over a century. Tillie Beargon celebrated her 105th birthday last Friday.

Tillie was born in 1917 and is the seventh of 10 children, KMPH reports. She has outlived all of her siblings. 

"I’ve had a pretty good life, so anyways I am ready to go when my time is up," Tillie told the Fox affiliate in Fresno, California. 

She said that after turning 102, started struggling with health issues and is now at a local assisted living facility.

The secret to her long life?

“Every night when I get ready for bed, I’d have me a drink of margarita first, and boy did I sleep good.”

Tillie said that was a long-running joke that some people still actually believe.

Her advice for people who want to be happier is to not worry a lot about everything and take things as they come.