Story by KAKE's Katie Taube

WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - A school resource officer at Maize South Middle School is making a difference just a month after starting his new job.

The officer made friends with a student and listened to his story. 

He then reached out to a few connections and may have changed the family's Christmas.

“I would like to have some friends over at my house,” laughs Kaden Cook.

It's an option that before today wasn't possible for the Maize South Middle Schooler. 

Kaden's bed was broken. 

Which he just happened to mention to his new school resource officer.

“I got in trouble one day,” explains Kaden. "I'm not allowed in a class on agriculture and so me and him had been talking in the office and stuff.”

Officer Alex Agler knew a broken bunk bed could be dangerous.

He knew Kaden's single mom of five kids wouldn't likely be able to get it replaced. 

So, he reached out to the Maize police chief who contacted the Wichita Police Foundation. 

And here these officers are about a week later, figuring out how to assemble a brand-new bunk bed.

“I've never had the opportunity, so this is a first time,” says Agler. “I just asked, the worst-case scenario they say no. So, I'm just glad it worked out.”

The Random Acts of Kindness fund provided the new bed that was funded by donations from individuals and businesses who want to help people like Kaden and his mom.

“She can take that money and the holidays are here, she can take that money and spoil her kids, spoil herself - whatever she needs to do,” says Agler.

“Definitely shocked, but definitely overjoyed and just speechless as far as having somebody reach out to offer something kind like he did,” says Kaden’s mom, Michelle Cook.

Now Kaden has big plans for his new bed.

"Taking the bottom bunk from my brothers!”

If you'd like to donate to help provide needs for other families in the Wichita area, you can click here.