WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - Shoppers could see their Thanksgiving meal come at a higher cost this year. 

Between inflation and shortages, grocery stores in Wichita are having to raise prices on some items, including turkeys. To offset the increase, Dillons is amping up deals and steals. 

“Inflationary pressures have really impacted our customers, that's why we're doing everything that we can to keep those prices low,” Sheila Regehr, Dillons spokeswoman, said. 

Regehr said, this year, people can buy a full Thanksgiving dinner for under $50 using coupons and the store’s digital deals. Customers shopping Wednesday said they are taking advantage. 

“I'm hosting this year, so it is obviously a big difference in last year, but I mean, still a little bit more,” shopper Alex Wilson said. 

Dillons saw a nearly 20 cent per pound cost increase on turkeys. At Yoder Meats in West Wichita, a shortage, caused by the Avian flu, is also impacting business. 

“Everyone’s getting back to normal so they're, you know, getting back with their families,” General Manager of Pat Hertel said. “The problem is we're not having those big turkeys anymore.”

Hertel said his store is only selling small turkeys this year. The price per pound also increased between 75 cents and $1. 

“We used to do about 300, 16 to 20 pounders, so we have zero this year,” he said. “We usually do about 400-500 smaller birds, and we only got about 275, 300.”

Dillons is not dealing with a turkey shortage this year. Regehr said shopping the Friday before Thanksgiving, Nov. 18, will also allow shoppers to earn extra fuel points to save money on gas in return. 

“We want you to celebrate and have that memorable Thanksgiving meal, and with these great prices at Dillons, you don't have to sacrifice,” Regehr said.