VISALIA, Calif. (KMPH/CNN Newsource) - It's something you don't see every day: an 11-year-old boy pulling up to a store to buy snacks in a pink battery-powered toy Hummer.

Eric Sapien got it on video.

"I see this kid in a pink car and he's owning it and he doesn't care who is around, and so I thought that was pretty neat," he said. 

Sapien said he was pumping gas in Visalia, California, Monday morning when he spotted the boy. 

"What I noticed when he got in and he was leaving. He opened the door and put his bag down, sat down. As he's backing out, he's looking over his shoulder."

Other customers said they've seen the boy before. 

A Fox26 reporter a photojournalist drove around the neighborhood near the store to see if they would run into the young boy. And they did. The little pink Hummer was parked in a driveway. 

"Well he really wasn't supposed to," said Aimee Lejeune, the boy's mom. "He kinda sneaked out."

"Mom, I'm sorry," the boy said. 

The driver was 11-year-old Jason Perez. He said he snuck out to buy Mentos, food and soda.

"Jason has special needs," his mom said. "He likes to go out and do his own thing once in a while. He's a really sweet loving boy."

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