LEAWOOD, Kan. (KMBC/CNN Newsource) - Police in Leawood, Kansas, pulled a woman from a burning car on Monday, and body cameras caught the dramatic rescue. 

Body camera video begins as the fifth officer arrives at the scene. The SUV is engulfed. That's when police spot the victim through the smoke and flames. The 51-year-old is trapped under the SUV, her legs half out. 

The cause of the crash is under investigation, whether is was a medical emergency, a mechanical failure or something else. But thanks to first responders, the woman is expected to live.

"I think it's true with any first responder, and it sounds trite, ultimately we all want to help people, and we're all drawn to the job for that reason," said Capt. Brad Robbins with the Leawood Police Department, "We want to help people."

Officials haven't released the woman's condition. Police believe the accident happened when the driver didn't stop at an intersection. They say she was then hit by another car and impact sent her car into a tree, causing it to catch fire. 

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