SALINA, Kan. (KAKE) - A man has been arrested for allegedly assaulting four fellow employees at a Schwan's frozen food delivery company in Salina early Monday morning.

In an article, the Salina Post reports that officer's were dispatched to the Schwan's at 3019 Scanlan venue shortly before 5 a.m. on reports of an altercation between two employees.

Salina Police Captain Paul Forrester says the manager had been called to the office after she was told that 25-year-old Travious McFate of Salina, had hit another employee. The manager claims she heard McFate say he had a gun in his car and witnessed him yelling at other employees.

According to the manager, McFate then punched two more people and shoved her into a wall as he was leaving and when she followed him outside, she was thrown to the ground and another employee had to pull McFate off of her.

McFate was not on scene when officer's arrived but they located him later in his car in the 3000 clock of Marcella Drive. After a warrant was issued, officers found a loaded handgun in McFates Honda CRV with the identification information scratched off.

McFate has been arrested on four charges of battery, criminal threat and defacing identification markers on a firearm.