WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) – For one reason or another, Wichita drivers were not excited about the first snow of the year Monday.

"I've got a good den at home that I can hide out in," said Bob Epperson.

"Well, I wasn't happy about it," said Lorraine Foos.

Foos says she's not the one she's concerned about.

"I'm used to it. It's the other drivers that I worry about," she said.

But drivers like Epperson say they know their limits.

"I stay home and don't go out in it at all. Because not at my age, just too old to fight it," said Epperson.

Megan Lovely with the city of Wichita says keeping the roads clear isn't always easy here.

"Well, this is Kansas. Our plans change hour by hour," said Lovely.

But Monday, Lovely says one unexpected change made life a whole lot easier for the crews.

"Originally, we thought we weren't going to be able to do pre-treatment, which is, we're not able to do that when we get heavy rains and it washes all of our pretreatment off," said Lovely. "But we were able to go out this afternoon beginning around 12 o'clock and start pre-treating some of those streets."

Even though the roads will likely stay clear, Epperson says he wants no part of it – he's headed east to stay out of it.

"Just have to be careful and take care. That's all they can do," said Epperson.

"Watch what you're doing, and watch what other people are doing," said Foos.

Lovely says the Public Works department is fully staffed with drivers and has plenty of sand and brine supply, so they're ready for any curveballs this Kansas weather throws at them.