The snow started early Monday morning across Southwest Kansas. By 5AM, blowing snow was visible on our Garden City Co-op Camera.


The snow will gradually slide east through the day Monday. The snow is expected to reach North Central Kansas by late morning and South Central Kansas during the early to mid afternoon. 

The highest snowfall totals are expected across Southwest Kansas where accumulation is expected to top 1.5" with most spots seeing less than 3". This snowfall could lead to isolated slick spots and our camera confirms that the snow is sticking to the pavement in Garden City as of 6:10AM.

 Snowfall totals are expected to be lighter across the rest of the state with less than 1.5" of accumulation in Wichita. The vast majority of the snow in Wichita will likely melt upon contact with the roadways with the majority stacking up on the grass and cars. 

 A Winter Weather Advisory stretches from Southwest Kansas through Northeast Kansas. Those in the Advisory should be aware that travel could be messy and treacherous at times. Snow could make untreated roads slick with the majority of that accumulation on bridges. Drivers should increase following distance and slowdown in areas experiencing snow. 


I hope you all enjoyed the warmer temperatures today, because Mother Nature is throwing a winter system our way to kick off the work week! A Winter Weather Advisory has already been issued across portions of KAKEland for tomorrow. The advisory will go into effect early tomorrow morning and won't expire until late in the day.

Our winter system is currently developing in the northern half of New Mexico and the southern half of Colorado. It is expected to track to the northeast towards western Kansas by 3-4 AM Monday. Overnight temperatures will be well below the freezing point, resulting in widespread snow early in the morning. 

As the system pushes into central KAKEland and temperatures warm, a wintry mix will begin to fall around noon. The mix will continue for a few hours before a transition to snow takes place around the late evening hours. Western Kansas will begin to dry and clear out further into the afternoon and evening.

The system will move through Kansas quickly and will clear most of the state early Tuesday morning. With that said, we aren't expecting this to be a major snowstorm. The time frame for snow is fairly short, temperatures will be above freezing in central Kansas and ground temperatures are also above freezing. But despite these setbacks, southwest KAKEland still has the best chance to see accumulation. 

Southwest Kansas is the target zone for the light snowfall that will begin early Monday morning. Snow will fall the entire time as it moves over the area and some bands could be strong enough to result in accumulation even though ground temperatures are warm. Also, elevated surfaces will accumulate more snow as a result of their cooler temperatures. 

While central Kansas will be above freezing during the day, resulting in a wintry mix, some light snow accumulation is possible. A transition to snow will take place late in the day as temperatures drop below the freezing point. This will result in the potential for minor accumulation from a trace to one inch. Although, I expect most of the snow to melt upon contact thanks to the warm ground temperatures.

The morning commute could be messy in western Kansas as snow is falling due to the fact that this is the first snow of the season. Please use caution and take it slow as you drive since many will be getting used to driving in the snow again. Central Kansas will deal with a potentially messy school pick up and evening commute. Conditions won't be as bad as our friends to the west, but you still should use caution.

In addition to snow tomorrow, temperatures will remain below the 40s all day long. Temperatures will struggle to warm thanks to the falling precipitation, so dress for winter temperatures and soggy conditions.

Meteorologist Brittany Foster