WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - The Kansas Highway Patrol is continuing to investigate a fatal crash in Wichita Thursday that killed two people. 

A KHP trooper said investigators are looking for evidence on the involved vehicles. 26-year-old Travis Mock was arrested Friday for causing the crash on eight charges including DUI and involuntary manslaughter. 

“Motor vehicles can be deadly weapons out there, but we don't think of them that way,” Trooper Chad Crittenden with KHP Public Information said. 

The crash killed 20-year-old Christian Evans and 18-year-old Emily Stein. The two were trying to change a flat tire when investigators said Mock, driving under the influence, went off the on ramp from northbound I-135 to eastbound K-96, hitting and killing them both. 

“Turn your hazard lights on, try to make yourself as visible as possible, which they did,” Crittenden said. “It’s just very unfortunate this had to happen.”

The KHP has a Motorist Assist program for people in similar situations in Wichita, Topeka, Kansas City and Salina. Trooper Chad said if someone breaks down on the highway, it is safest to make the car as visible as possible and stay inside of it. 

“Stay inside your vehicle and stay buckled up if it's possible, because you know the impact, if someone does hit you, will be better for you,” Samm McClure, Motorist Assist technician with KHP said. “The cars are made to take the impact better than our bodies.”

Technicians can change tires, fuel vehicles, clear debris, help with mechanical work and more. You can reach them by calling *47 or 911. 

“If you see folks on the side of the road with their hazard lights on or broken down or outside of their vehicle, they may not have a phone,” Crittenden said. “You know, they may not know they need assistance, but that's something as passers by we don't…you don't need to hesitate calling 911.” 

If you are stranded on the highway in an area without Motorist Assist, Trooper Chad said people can still call 911. People can also leave their vehicles unattended on the highway for 48 hours. 

If you wish to make a contribution to the family, here is a link to their Go Fund Me: https://gofund.me/058302ea