WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - After hearing from school staff, parents, and students, the Wichita Board of Education finally made a decision Monday on an immediate solution to address the overcrowding issue at Southeast High. But some students say they're skeptical that things will actually get better.

"It's really bad, like classes, like you don't really have space to move the hallways. It's almost impossible to get to class on time," said Southeast student Genevieve Makubi.

"In the hallways, I have to go from G hall to PE, and I'm late every single day because the hallways are too overcrowded," said student Aubrey Tinoco.

Students at Southeast High say they're desperate for the BOE to find a solution to the overcrowding issue.

Students say it's not just in the building.

"Some kids are standing, and the bus driver still has to go because there's really nothing else he can do. And there's, most seats are three to a seat. Sometimes people are sitting on kids' laps," said Makubi.

And believe it or not, it's not even just the school buses.

"Me and my sister ride the city bus. And the city bus is still overcrowded, too. Like, you have to stand up and almost fall every single time," said Tinoco.

Monday, in hopes of solving this, the board approved this boundary change in-between Southeast and Heights. Next school year, the area in red will change from the Southeast district to Heights.

However, the board admits this is just a short-term bandage.

WPS Division Director of Operations Fabian Armendariz says to solve it long-term, it's going to take more data, so Monday, the board also approved a comprehensive demography study.

"What we think will happen with the demography study is it'll give us the numbers. It'll give us future projections. And then from there, we'll make a decision on a potential boundary change in the longer-term future," said Armendariz.

But students are still skeptical, and say they hope the board will consider all options before it starts moving students.

"If I had to get moved to Heights, I wouldn't want to move there. Because that's just a whole different school, have to meet a whole bunch of new people," said Southeast students Eva Vilanueva and Kamira Fields.

"Middle schools that are farther away just shouldn't be feeding into Southeast and should be feeding into Heights, which is underpopulated, while we're overpopulated," said Makubi.

The board says current Southeast students in the rezoned area will be grandfathered-in if they don't want to switch schools. However, if you do want to switch to a less-crowded school, you can do that as early as next semester.

If you'd like to see the full presentation and recommendation the board approved, click here.