The driver's license office at the Harvey County Courthouse will temporarily close as of Tuesday, Nov. 8 due to personnel changes.

The office is anticipated to reopen in the future. However, there is not a definitive timeline when that will be at this time.

Harvey County residents are not required to have their driver's license issued or renewed in Harvey County. Here are a handful options for full-service stations in our surrounding counties:

  • Butler County: 640 N. Andover Rd., Andover
  • McPherson County: 322 N. Main St., McPherson
  • Reno County: 125 W. Second St., Hutchinson
  • Sedgwick County: 1873 W. 21st St., Wichita
  • Sedgwick County: 620 N. Rock Rd., Derby

If you're interested in working in the driver's license office, you can find information about that position and all open positions at Harvey County at