WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) -A lot of eyes are on the upcoming election November 8th, and pollsters predict that half of Kansas's registered voters will turn out to the polling places. The Secretary of State announced the prediction on Friday, basing it both on historical turnout data and advanced voting data.

“We don't really yet have a new normal. However, what we do know suggests that high levels of turnout are probably going to continue,” said Dr. Russell Arneb Fox, a political science professor at Friends University.

In 2020, 70 percent of registered voters made their voices heard, a 14-percent jump from 2018.

As of Friday, more than 91,000 Kansans had already returned their mail-in ballots to county election offices, and another 190,000 Kansans have voted in person.

Fox weighs in on what he thinks could happen on election night.

“We had that primary election. And that primary election obviously drove a lot of people to the polls that normally didn't vote. So the big question is, how much of that is going to carry over,” said Fox.

Fox also tells us what he is hearing in the Wichita area locally regarding voter turnout.

“There's been some evidence locally that maybe turnout for the election here in south central Kansas in Edgewise county is not on track to hit the kind of high water marks that some people have suspected it might reach,” said Fox.

With the governor's race in a dead heat, we continue to see ads attacking both candidates.

You asked KAKE news to investigate claims that Laura Kelly cut the police budget, something she denies. You wanted to know if the budget increased, and if so, who got the money? 

A report from the Kansas Legislative Research Department shows that the public safety budget increased by $110 million dollars from fiscal year 2021 to fiscal year 2022.

So we asked fox where has that money gone?

“You talk about the police budget. You have money that's spent by the state government on public safety. That's going to involve a lot of different contributions to police budgets to sheriff budgets to a lot of different agencies across the state,” said Fox.

That includes law enforcement, as well as the Department of Corrections and the State Fire Marshal.

Some of the extra expenditures included money to buy a new surveillance plane for the Kansas Highway Patrol and pay raises that went to state employees. Additional spending went to safety and security equipment at state prisons. Pay raises that went to all state employees, and replacing safety and security equipment at state prisons.

On election night, KAKE News will have live team coverage through the evening for both the Governor and Attorney General races.