While a lot of the focus on this year's general election has been on the race for governor or attorney general, there are several other races and issues on the ballot this November.

One of the issues, if you live within the Wichita School district, would change how people vote for their school board representatives.

Right now, Wichitans vote for only candidates who live in their portion of the district in the primary. Then they can vote for any candidate or race in the general election.

Voting yes on the ballot question would make it so you can only vote for candidates in your district in both elections.

A group of local community members, called "Our District, Our Voice" is pushing the effort for the yes vote. The group is a coalition of several people and organizations, including the Wichita Teacher's Union and the local branch of the NAACP.

 “We believe that every district, every community should be represented in every facet of government," LaWanda DeShazer, a community activist and a part of the coalition told KAKE on Thursday.

DeShazer says the change would get candidates more engaged with their specific district, saying "The hope is that that person has a relationship with the community, so they understand the needs of the community and of course, we all want all children to graduate and do well but some districts require to do it just a little bit differently. That's what the school board member is there for."

The question was voted to be put on the ballot back in August by a 4-3 margin. The three no votes were the three recently elected school board members, Kathy Bond, Hazel Stabler and Diane Albert.