WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - With recent headlines, the race to be Kansas's next attorney general is neck and neck, many people have started paying more attention to the ads in that race. In this article, we will fact check one of Kris Kobach's ads against Chris Mann.

Mr. Kobach's campaign has aired several ads here at KAKE News, all of them calling into question his opponent, Chris Mann's qualifications for the job of attorney general. But how accurate are they?

One particular ad included three basic claims about Mann. The first claim states that Mann has never argued a case in federal court.

Dr. Russell Arben Fox, from Friends University, deems this claim to be true.

"It's true," Dr. Fox said. "I mean, you know, his experience is on the state level."

Dr. Michael Smith from Emporia State University agreed.

"Most cases, even very high profile civil and criminal cases in the United States are handled at the state court level and Mann of course has extensive experience at the state court level," Dr. Smith said.

A second claim is that Mann would allow transgender athletes to compete in girl's and women's sports in Kansas.

"Like all sorts of Democrats across Kansas, he is probably fairly supportive of LGBTQ rights," Dr. Fox said.

In a televised debate last month, Kobach asked Mann directly about that issue.

Mann said he didn't think it was part of the attorney general's job and that it was "best handled by our school and our sports authorities."

"This is not an issue that pertains to election law," Dr. Fox pointed out. "It does not pertain to enforcing Kansas laws in general, there is no Kansas law relevant to this at this point."

Finally, a third claim indicated that Mann would not enforce Kansas laws he doesn't like.

In a September debate in Wichita, Mann said the job of the attorney general is to enforce the laws that are in place.

"It's entirely fair for attorneys general to say that they are going to prioritize, but saying that they're going to prioritize is not the same as saying, I'm just not going to enforce the law," Dr. Fox said.

Dr. Smith said that the attack nature of the ad is another sign of how close we are to election day.

"It's a completely different kinds of campaigning, there's a lot more confrontation. A lot more extreme positions," he said,

If you have any other campaign ads you'd like us to fact, check, please email us at kake.com. We'll try to get one more in before election night.