WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - Whether you gamble regularly or just buy an occasional lottery ticket, it's certainly fun to dream about winning big – and a jackpot like Wednesday's Powerball drawing is certainly life-changing. But in the unlikely event your ticket hits the mark, what would you do with all this cash?

"I'd invest in the community. And some of the not-for-profits that are in need," said Nicki Soice.

"I'd try to do some investments for retirement," said Brad Wiesen.

"I would not know what to do with all that," said Travanti Herring.

Unless you actually win, none of us probably knows for sure exactly what we would do with $1.2 billion. But even if your odds are only one in nearly 300 million, people like Wiesen and Herring say it's still fun to think about.

"Rings and all that kind of stuff doesn't do you any good. So, you know, I'd be probably pretty conservative," said Wiesen.

"Give some to my mom basically and, you know, make sure she doesn't work for the rest of her life. And take care of the family," said Herring.

With a cash value of about $600 million after taxes, people like Soice say it's way too much for any one person.

"Where are you going to spend $600 million in Wichita, America," said Soice.

Liahish with Petro America says it's been non-stop Powerball sales all day long.

"Just now, I think I got 30-40 within 2 hours," said Liahish.

Herring says while it's fun to dream, in his opinion, the majority of people who play are the ones who need money the most.

"I feel like people play because, you know, they tired of struggling. You know what I'm saying? And they want to survive the right way," said Herring.

While only time will tell, and even though the odds are stacked against him, Wiesen says he has a good feeling.

"I feel like I got a good shot at it, because you guys are here, and he was here. And without that, I would have never bought this. Could be the lucky one," said Wiesen.

With taxes so high on jackpots like this, where does all that money go? If a Kansas resident wins, a portion of it goes to the state and is used for multiple improvement projects. The biggest one is the Economic Development Initiatives Fund, which got over $42 million from the lottery last year alone. Click here to learn more.