A close friend of one of the women who died in a three-car collision on the Kansas Turnpike on Saturday afternoon is remembering her today. The accident, which happened just before 2 pm Saturday afternoon along I-35 near Belle Plaine, killed three people and injured four more.

State troopers say Sheena Harroald of Wichita was heading northbound in a Honda Accord when her vehicle veered left of center in a construction zone, clipped another car, and hit a third head-on.

Harroald, along with passengers Nathelia Mcintosh, and Wanda Tidwell, all died.  Another passenger, Sheena's sister Shala Harroald, is currently in the ICU at a local hospital.  The four of them were on their way home from a craft show when the crash happened.

“My best friend survived, and her sister, her grandma, and her aunt were killed in that car accident,” said Jessica Warrender, a family friend of Sheena and Shala Harroald.

For Warrender, it's been an emotional day. She's best friends with Shala Harroald, but was also close with Shenna.  

“She was always cracking jokes, and she would give her last dollar to the needy person. She was like everyone's guardian angel,” said Warrender. “We just went to Vegas for my 50th birthday, and that's the first time all of us had been to Vegas. It was a great time, and now it's just a memory now,” she added.

Jessica says the sisters Sheena and Shala were like two peas in a pod.

“These two lived together as roommates. You literally did not see one without the other. They'd go home, one would cook for the other one, they were the yin and yang, they were always together."

 Sheena was close with, Wanda Tidwell, who also died in the crash

“Sheena would always go to the casino with her grandmother. I mean for a 37-year-old hanging out with an 86-year-old that was her next best friend,” said Warrender.

Jessica says she had just enjoyed dinner with Sheena and Shala on Tuesday.

“Even when we were done eating, we just sat there and laughed and talked like we always did,” said Warrender.

Now she is left to grieve.

“When I heard that (they had died), my heart just stopped. And I have been crying most of the day today,” she admitted.

The highway patrol says three other people were critically hurt.