WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - An apartment complex tucked away near K96 and Greenwich is where Gabriel Bolden has called home for a year now.

But the view outside his window has drastically changed.

"I'm kind of excited to see that more and more stuff is coming in just for at least attractions," said Bolden.

He's talking about Topgolf, the long-anticipated, massive entertainment facility right in his backyard.

But as crews put on the final touches to the nearly-completed facility, Bolden says he does have some concerns.

"I mean, it's a little distracting. I mean, even going down 96, you can see it. So it's kind of an eyesore a little bit," said Bolden.

On top of that, he says every window on the west side of the building, which faces Topgolf, is a bedroom – and those lights are bright.

"I think it'll be fun, but we'll just, we'll see what the lights are like at night. That's really the only thing I'm worried about," said Bolden.

The last time KAKE News spoke with Topgolf, while it doesn't have an official opening date yet, it said construction is progressing nicely and expects to open later this year.

Another good sign is that Topgolf is officially hiring for the Wichita location. Our news partners at the Wichita Business Journal report it's looking to fill about 300 positions ahead of the big day.

Bolden says while he is worried about sleep, overall, he's excited for it to open and hopes this is a sign of a bright future for the city.

"I just hope that, you know, this starts bringing in more stuff. Because, like I said, I don't think there's much to do in Wichita," said Bolden.

The company is hiring for virtually all positions. For more information or if you'd like to apply, click here.