MARION COUNTY, Kan. (KAKE) - The fires in Marion and Chase County continue to burn at this hour, with high winds and dry conditions hampering efforts to extinguish the blazes.
Marion County crews tell KAKE News that nobody has been evacuated so far, but they are asking residents to be on high alert. Multiple agencies are on scene as they fight the fires. 
Firefighters got the first call on the fire at 11:00 Sunday morning.
Brenda Soyez lives in Marion. She says that she's lived in Marion County for over thirty years, and is thankful as many crews have been in the area to help as they have. She says she's been sitting on her porch since things flared up around noontime. Now she's just hoping that what's left of the flames don't get too close for comfort. 
"I've seen probably 40 fire trucks go by, so I know that we're in good hands," Soyez said as she sat on her porch. "Sure, it's always scary, but we've got good protection. We appreciate all of the volunteers, all of the departments that are supporting our county."     
As Soyez reflects on what she says has become all too typical over her decades here, that appreciation and support is what she says gives her the most comfort on the most stressful days like this one.
The cause of the fire, now dubbed the "Middle Creek Fire," is still under investigation. There haven't been any injuries and crews aren't sure just how much damage it has caused just yet.