WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - A big day for Republican Derek Schmidt and his race for Governor of Kansas.

Friday former Vice President Mike Pence was in Wichita to encourage Kansans to give Schmidt their vote. Both of them compared Laura Kelly to President Joe Biden.

"I know Laura Kelly; she strikes a little bit of a bipartisan pose here at home. But I’m telling you what, you look carefully, Laura Kelly looks an awful lot like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris,” Pence said. 

Pence laid down attacks on Governor Laura Kelly. Associating President Joe Biden and his administration's policies very closely with Kelly. Attorney General Derek Schmidt echoed the same thing.

"And that Biden democrat philosophy unfortunately is not confined to Washington D.C," Pence said. "Friends, we have a Biden-democrat figure in our governor's office right now."

They talked about inflation, the impact the pandemic had on schools and energizing people to go out and vote.

After the event, KAKE News tried to ask both Pence and Schmidt questions. They walked right by us.

Schmidt supporters believe Pence came to Kansas to show his support, not because of a tight race between Kelly and Schmidt.

"It's, it's not a factor of being worried about the race. It's a factor he believes in him,” said Dan Buczinski a Schmidt Supporter.

Meanwhile, protesters out with signs protested Pence, Schmidt, and many other republican leaders in attendance. One concerned Kansan questioned if the elected officials understand what people in Kansas are going through.

"None of those men in there are working class. None of those men know what it's like to struggle to put food on the table. They don't know what poverty feels like. Why are we electing people that don't know what struggle even means,” they said.

It is under three weeks until election day and Schmidt is trying to ensure supporters go out and vote on election day.