SEDGWICK COUNTY, Kan. (KAKE) - A scorched field near clearwater is the remains of the latest grass fire to pop up in Sedgwick County this week.

Fire officials say it could be a preview of what crews could be dealing with all weekend.

"We're getting ready to experience just unprecedented fire danger that we've haven't seen this time of year," said Derby Fire Chief John Turner. 

Turner says he and his department are keeping a close eye on forecasts and already have extra staff scheduled for this weekend.

"Sunday, it'll take the smallest spark," he said. 

Part of that prep includes keeping an eye on the US Department of Agriculture's wildfire risk map to see what areas might be in the most danger.

"And just this past month, we've experienced two major incidents that have required approximately 20 units to manage and they both been on the eastern edge of derby," Turner said. 

And it’s not just Derby preparing for this weekend, crews all over Sedgwick County will be on standby to respond as part of the region’s Wildland Task Force.

"We try to maintain some sort of situational awareness on days like today, where we just we keep an ear out and we try to be aware of what's going on surrounding the area," said Wichita Fire Chief of Special Operations Lane Pearman. 

While crews will be making sure they are ready for any situation, they are also encouraging residents, especially those closer to wildland areas to help them out a little bit.

"At the very least mowing the grass low. hopefully they haven't blown out their sprinkler systems," said Pearman. "So, if they have that they can, they can use that to help keep the grass around the area moist."

One other complication for this weekend for firefighters, the temperature. Typically, we don't see this kind of heat in a typical wildfire season, which is winter into early spring. 

So, crews are preparing extra water and other methods to keep firefighters cool while on scene.