HUTCHINSON, Kan. (KAKE) - Hutchinson police say officers found a loaded handgun in a 12-year-old boy's backpack at a local middle school on Friday.

Officers were first notified Thursday that a student had pointed a gun at another 12-year-old at Hutchinson Middle School 7 earlier that day. Officers were stationed at the school Friday and contacted the student upon his arrival. A search of his backpack revealed a loaded firearm, and the student was taken into custody.

"Based on the information we have not there is no evidence the student intended to conduct a mass shooting, but this is an ongoing investigation," Hutchinson police said.

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Hutchinson police say a gun was seized from a middle school student who was entering school for the day on Friday. 

The incident happened at Hutchinson Middle School 7, which was on lockdown for a short period of time. 

"Through proper reporting and people speaking up, Mr. Henry, Principal, was able to have police presence at the school when the student entered," the Hutchinson Police Department said in a release. 

The gun was confiscated and the student was taken into custody. Police did not say what type of gun it was or whether it was loaded. KAKE News has reached out to the department for clarification. 

"We thank the individuals who spoke up to report the concern and bring it to the attention of the principal, and we appreciate Mr. Henry being proactive and working with Hutch PD to keep our students and community safe," the release said.

Hutchinson Middle School 7 is located at 210 East Avenue A.