Riverfront Stadium is hosting the 85th Annual Hatchet Game between Dodge City and Garden City Saturday.

Crowds showed up last week when Bishop Carroll and Kapaun Mt. Carmel took over Riverfront Stadium for the first of four football games there with an attendance of 8,066.

That game brought in different fans to the area. With Garden City and Dodge City teams having to travel more than two hours to get to Wichita, Bob Moullette, Wichita Wind Surge general manager, is confident the Hatchet Game will do the same.

"They're gonna be playing football on the biggest stage in the biggest city in the state, right? In Wichita," Moullette said.

While Saturday's game will draw a big crowd, it's also drawing a big name to sponsor the event.

"Cargill is a corporate sponsor for the Dodge City High School," said John Hawkins, Cargill Assistant Business Manager.

Both teams are looking to take home the hatchet, but this game can have a lasting impact on the Wichita community.

"It's an exciting opportunity for those, those student athletes to be able to compete on that and gives, I think the community of Wichita an opportunity to come out and maybe watch a football game that they wouldn't normally have," Hawkins said.

Kick-off at Riverfront Stadium is at 6 pm. Saturday marking the 125th matchup between the teams.

Riverfront Stadium is also hosting West High V. Northwest Friday at 7 p.m. and South High vs. West High Friday, Oct. 21 at 7 p.m.