CLEARWATER, Kan. (KAKE) - She's breaking barriers and making sure players on the football field play a fair game Friday night. Kansas celebrates its first-ever female head high school football referee.

"I am referee Carmen Doramus-Kinley and this is your referee Ryan Kinkle you are the visiting team. You will make the call. This will be heads. This will be tails,” said Carmen Doramous-Kinley.

Being the first female is something Doramus-Kinley does not take lightly.

"It's amazing. What a wonderful opportunity to be the first. Hopefully, there are no more firsts for females,” Doramous-Kinley.

Doramous-Kinley tells KAKE news she can't believe this is happening. For most of her officiating career she has been a referrer for volleyball, then basketball, and now football for the past four years.

"Been doing volleyball and basketball. And never once thought I would be a football official, and then when I got that opportunity, I fully embraced it,” said Doramous-Kinley.

Little did she know after the first quarter she would get an award.

It's the award of excellence for exemplary display of sportsmanship, ethics, and integrity.

Doramus-Kinley has a message for other girls out there.

"Hopefully maybe one day more girls will be on the field and have a full female crew,” said Doramous-Kinley.