SACRAMENTO, California (KCRA) -- A group of people not affiliated with John F. Kennedy High School entered a classroom to attack a student, the Sacramento City Unified School District said Thursday afternoon.

About six people, which the school district said most — if not all — were adults, came onto the campus around 2:20 p.m. without permission. At least two of them entered a classroom and attacked a female student using pepper spray.

The school district said the student was treated at the scene, and a staff member who tried to break up the fight was hurt by the pepper spray.

A lockdown was issued and police were called, the school district said. Two of the assailants were held down by JKF staff and turned over to officers, according to the district.

The Sacramento Police Department said it got a call around 2:30 p.m. about a disturbance at the school, which is located off Florin Road and Gloria Drive in the Pocket neighborhood.

The Sacramento Fire Department said one person was transported to the hospital for pepper spray exposure. It is unknown if the person transported was the student or the staff member.

Police said the suspected group of people ran away before officers arrived.

A spokesperson for Sacramento Police Department said Thursday evening that investigators were still working to identify the people in the group that came onto campus and that officers were met with a chaotic scene when they got to the school.

Two non-custodial arrests were made, according to police. Police said those charges were for resisting an officer and assault on an officer and were not directly related to the initial fight that prompted the response.


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