WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - After spending most of the year leaving hundreds of customers with piles of trash for weeks on end, Best Value Trash will no longer offer residential trash services.

This announcement comes just before the Haysville City Council was going to vote whether to revoke its license.

The council went into the meeting expecting to vote on revoking its license, but in a last-minute e-mail to the mayor, it all changed.

“We just noticed that the trash services started skipping weeks, to two weeks."

Over the last year, this is what you heard more from customers of Best Value services a company leaving hundreds of people stuck with piles of trash.

Tuesday, the Haysville City Council was finally ready to say enough is enough, but just before the vote, the mayor read an email he just got from owner Solomon Tafesse. Effective immediately, Best Value says it will no longer offer residential services.

So, what does that mean for customers? 

"It's a difficult issue you know, I understand both sides," said Air Capital Waste Owner Mark Raccuglia. 

Raccuglia says he’s been working with Solomon over the last week offering free pickup to help him get caught up. He says he will continue picking up customers trash for free for the rest of the month. Then, they’ll have to sign up with a new company of their choice. He says his rates are similar Best Value.

“A lot of different circumstances were against him," Raccuglia said. "So, I knew that he was trying to get it picked up. I also knew that the citizens were not getting taken care of, and it could become a health issue. So we felt like we needed to step in and offer some help."

Council voted to table the discussion to revoke the license for a month, just so they can check back in and make sure Best Value follows through.

In the meantime, Raccuglia says while he’s hoping customers will sign up with him, he’s just happy to help.

"It's a voluntary thing, if they want to choose a different company, if there's a company that serves their needs better, they can go to whoever they want to," said Raccuglia. "We're just doing this as kind of a courtesy to help them give them a little time to get their trash picked up."

Raccuglia says if a customer has a pre-paid agreement with Best Value and decides to sign up with Air Capital, he will give them a credit equal to whatever best value owes them.