HAYSVILLE, Kan. (KAKE) - After months of complaints against a local trash service, Haysville city leaders are calling for the owner’s license to be revoked. KAKE News on Your Side has learned this could have been done months ago, but it wasn't.

Trash has been sitting on curbs for weeks. Complaints against Best Value Trash Company have been pouring in for months. The owner of the company blames a lack of staff and broken-down trucks. Problems he says he’s been dealing with since early this year.

"Right now, it's just blowing around creating a health hazard,” said Haysville Mayor Russ Kessler. The mayor says it's time. He's going to ask the council to revoke Best Value's license at the next city council meeting.

"It's been too long without picking up people's trash," said Kessler.

But what KAKE News Investigates found might make some frustrated customers even more angry. After going through Haysville City Council minutes, we learned the council voted in June to renew Best Value's license despite all the complaints.

"We were told by one of our council members that he was good to go,” said Kessler. “So, it was passed at the June meeting."

Council Member Steve Crum said at one meeting he was concerned about the Best Value customers who would be immediately without a trash service if the council revokes the business’s license.  

"If they were coming into town tearing up the streets, that's one thing,” said Crum.

We contacted Crum, who said he was unavailable for an interview.

Since the council voted in June to renew Best Value's license, its customers have continued filing complaints with the Better Business Bureau which has now given the company an 'F’ rating. Those customers have also been calling KAKE News and the City of Haysville looking for answers.

"I feel bad for them because they're paying for a service they're not receiving," said Kessler.

Kessler says Best Value has 1000 customers in his town, but only 300 are getting their trash picked up, and only two of the five trucks are operating.

The Kansas Attorney General wants you to file a complaint with that office so it can investigate. To do so, you can call this number (785) 296-3751 or click here