LAWRENCE, Kan. (KAKE) - A bald eagle and a barn owl at a nature center in Lawrence, Kansas, were killed by raccoons that had breached the birds' enclosure.

The City of Lawrence said Kansa, the bald eagle, and Serena, the barn owl, were part of the Birds of Prey exhibit at Prairie Park Nature Center. The birds were in their wire-fence caged area last week when raccoons were able to get through the space between an outside wood fence and the wire cage. 

"Unfortunately, raccoons are common predators with caged animals at zoos and nature centers," the city said. "Staff have since added additional measures to fortify the cage area and keep out predators."

The nature center acquired Kansa in January 2003 from the Kansas State University veterinary clinic as a one-year-old bird. She had sustained a traumatic injury to her wings due to a powerline collision in southern Kansas. Serena came to the nature center in 2011 from Walden’s Puddle in Tennessee following a wing injury that left her unable to be released.