WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - It's an unmistakable sound you'll soon get to hear again in Wichita for the first time in four years – the roar of the Thunderbirds.

Daniel Katz remembers seeing the Thunderbirds as a kid, giving him the dream to one day become a pilot.

Now, he's one of the Thunderbirds and is one of the eight pilots who make up one of the most elite teams of aviators in the world.

"It's an honor to be part of the team. We're the ambassadors in blue. So, it's really cool for us to be able to travel all around the US and then parts of Canada, and just showcase what the military, what the Air Force, and really what the US population is all about," said Katz.

Because of the pandemic, the Frontiers in Flight air show at McConnell Air Force Base hasn't happened since 2018, and airshow director Steven Zumwalde says he's more than ready.

"They've got Covid that they've had to deal with, they've been inside, so hopefully everybody will come outdoors, enjoy the nice weather that we're forecasted to have and enjoy the show," said Zumwalde.

Katz says in the brand-new show, he and the team will do all kinds of stunts, including low-passes over the crowd at nearly 750 miles per hour.

"Covid, you know, held us down a lot. But what we were able to do on the team was make a new show. So, you guys will experience a lot of jet noise, close up to people's faces. And then you'll see a sequence of events that really pull the heartstrings and make you feel proud to be an American, and then see some really cool stunts," said Katz.

Katz says as crazy as the show will be, there's just one thing they can't do.

"Obviously, we can't break the speed of sound here. Create a big boom and probably damage some cars. So, we limit ourselves to point nine five mach," said Katz.

There will also be all kinds of other things to do at the show, like checking out the flagship KC-135 tanker or the brand-new KC-46 refueler. For more information on the schedule, click here.