A 2019 mission trip in Germany sparked the idea of what Larry King, Wichita resident and veteran, could do for local veterans.

If you didn't know any different, you would think Sojourner's Coffee House on W. Maple operates just like any other, except it doesn't.

"We started April 1st of 2019 and we went 'donation only' in June. Those are the two big dates," King said. "We are donation only. So we don't charge for our drinks. We just ask for the donation to support our mission."

The coffee house's mission is to serve those who served.

"My wife and and I founded Sojourner's to support veterans and to give them a home away from home and a place to go to get companionship and be loved on."

The coffee house is not just a place for veterans; it's for everyone.

"We just want people to come in and be in a safe place and be loved and feel God in their lives and just be a part of the community," King shared.

"I was in the Air Force for 10 years. I was stationed here at McConnell. I was a KC-135 Boom Operator. Prior to that, I was a weapons-load crew member. Loaded ordinance on F-15s and F-16s and I maintained machines guns on H-60s," King shared.

The South Carolina native has traveled all over the globe, serving in many places. 

"Turkey, Spain, Germany, Iraq and Afghanistan of course... Qatar."

"When you are in the military, you have a brotherhood. When you get out, you lose that. A lot of times people are scattered to the four-winds. We don't know where they are at. We lose contact and to be able to establish a veteran brotherhood. Just to know you are with people that have traveled the same roads that you have and have share the same experiences."

Larry King is part of that brotherhood. He served from 2003-2012. His last landing spot was McConnell Air Force Base in Wichita and it's where he stayed.

"The name 'Sojourner' is a 'traveler from a foreign land' and we believe we are travelers here on Earth. Our home is in heaven. We are just buying time until that time," he added.

It's fellowship that can be found at the coffee house.

"We want to grow. We want to see more veterans. We want to build up the community and give people a home away from home," he said.

The coffee house helps dozens of veterans each week with their small groups and is focused on active duty service members and their families to share, learn and grow.

Information on how this shop serves its mission can be found here.

King says groups are held several times during the week.

"We have groups on Monday at 3 o'clock and Thursday at 9 o'clock. Tuesday, we have a men's group at 6pm and Thursday at 6pm we have a ladies group."