EUGENE, Oregon (KPTV) -- Police arrested a man for reckless driving in Eugene on Thursday after he hit two people with an SUV, killing one, according to the Eugene Police Department.

Shortly after 3:30 p.m., police responded to reports that a Toyota 4-Runner traveling south on Highway 99 was driving recklessly.

Police said the 4-Runner was driving up onto sidewalks, crossing into oncoming lanes, and at some point south of Barger Drive, it left the road entirely and ran over a tent.

Two people were inside the tent. A woman who was declared dead at the scene and a man who told police the vehicle missed him by mere feet.

The 4-Runner continued south for half a mile, where it again swerved onto the sidewalk and hit a pedestrian in front of a Dari Mart. The pedestrian suffered life-threatening injuries.

Finally, in a parking lot at 1082 Highway 99, half a mile beyond the Dari Mart, bystanders managed to surround the vehicle while police arrived.

Police Chief Chris Skinner said the driver, a man, was arrested without incident.

“And then we had some challenges with this individual,” Skinner said. “And so we are attending to his medical needs right now.”

Police are still investigating if the driver was intoxicated, suffering a medical emergency, or acting with intention. For several hours, police closed the highway between Barger Drive and Elmira Road to investigate the series of crime scenes, using drones to map the area.

“We’ve got a lot of eyewitnesses to his driving, which is good in the sense that it helps us put that puzzle together,” Skinner said.

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