Heads up, if your lunch or dinner plans include visiting the Delano District this week. A main road will be closed and side streets will likely need to be used for traffic and parking.

Construction work will be happening this week on Douglas Ave between Seneca and McClean, as crews work to add a new asphalt surface. This is the second and final phase of this project.

The city says this is part of the 2022 Outsourced Pavement Preservation Program, which also includes a new surface in the parking stalls in front of businesses.

"More people will probably drive down this way since the roads are better," Fred Carver, an El Dorado resident and visitor to Delano said Monday.

Cones are in place of where cars would normally be parked in the busy Delano District because right now a new blacktop is taking form.

Nearby business, Delano Barbeque Company, says this work has slowed them down just a little, but it's looking at the positives the construction will bring.

"We are just happy to have a better road. So, it might slow us down for a couple days, but we aren't going to close the doors," Cody Couch, an employee at the BBQ restaurant said. 

Douglas Avenue will be closed in that particular area, but the city says cross streets will remain open for northbound and southbound traffic and parking.

"We love the okra. The food is great, but the okra is our favorite," Deborah Carrasco, a visitor at Delano Barbeque Co said Monday. "We didn't realize and we kind of panicked at first. How are we going to get to our favorite restaurant? How are we going to get our favorite okra?, but we just turned the corner and we made the phone call over and asked about parking in the rear and they said there was a side street."

The city says impacted businesses in Delano were contacted in July in preparation for the work.

"It might bring business with a brand-new road, so that is what we are hoping for," Couch added.

The city says sidewalk access will remain open in front of businesses. There are also electronic messaging boards in place letting drivers know about the temporary changes, as well as informing them local businesses remain open.

According to the City of Wichita, "Construction will close through traffic on Douglas and on-street parking in two phases.  The first phase was completed in early August.  The second and final phase is scheduled to begin Monday, August 22 and be completed Friday, August 26."