WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - The results of the abortion vote in Sedgwick County are final once and for all. After a rigorous recount, paid for members of the Value Them Both group, Vote No still wins by a landslide.

It was a heated meeting right off the bat Sunday as Sedgwick County Election Commissioner Angela Caudillo presented the final numbers of the Sedgwick County abortion vote recount.

County Commissioner David Dennis says he's frustrated Caudillo didn't notify the public that counting was still happening on Sunday.

"I was a little concerned that our election commissioner didn't keep even the commissioners that are having to do the vote canvass informed. And at times, I don't believe that they put out any kind of public comments to the public so that the observers can be present during this process," said Dennis.

"From our perspective, the doors were open, and observers were coming in. So I was not aware that it was an issue or concern. However... Should this issue arise again, we would look at doing a different kind of media release," said Caudillo.

Caudillo says she missed the Saturday deadline to finalize the recount because of a minor sorting error that didn't change the overall count but took time to re-sort ballots into correct precincts. The final numbers Monday confirm the Vote No win.

In fact, Caudillo says the vote totals only changed by 86 votes.

"Out of 149,110 ballots. So I think that's 99.95%."

In other words, it's about a 0.05% change from the original results.

"I think you would account that to human error. Some things didn't get counted, stuck together. It is a manual process," said Caudillo.

Comparing the recount to the original results from August 15th, Vote Yes gained at least 19 votes, and Vote No lost some-38 votes, before accounting for other minor errors.

Dennis says while the meeting started a bit intense, he left Sunday with complete confidence that the recount did its job.

"Make sure that you let people know our elections are accurate, open and transparent. And that the results of this election are official now, effective today. And I believe that they are accurate," said Dennis.

We asked Caudillo if and what the consequences would be for missing Saturday's recount deadline. She says right now, she doesn't know, but will be contacting the Secretary of State to figure that out.