(CNN) - If you ever looked at a dive bar and thought "yum," then this snack is for you.

Miller High Life has partnered with Tipsy Scoop, an alcohol-infused ice cream maker, to create an ice cream flavor that tastes like a dive bar.

"To celebrate dive bars and the 100th anniversary of the ice cream bar we partnered with Miller High Life to create the Ice Cream Dive Bar, taking all the best parts of the dive bar IRL and bringing them to your taste buds," Tipsy Scoop says on its website.

The treat features premium ice cream infused with High Life beer and other dive bar staples — including peanuts, a traditional bar snack; tobacco smoke flavoring, to replicate dive bar smell; caramel, because dive bars have sticky floors; carbonated candy, to replicate beer fizz; and dark chocolate, which is similar in color to dark wood and dim lighting.

It's "a perfect blend of smoky vanilla, gooey caramel, and the beer you love," Miller High Life says in an Instagram post.

These ice cream bars pack up to 5% alcohol by volume, so be wary of brain-freeze hangovers.

Tipsy Scoop sells each Ice Cream Dive Bar for $6 online. Maybe they'll let you open a tab.