EUDORA, Kansas (KMBC) -- High school girls in Eudora, Kansas, are upset with the school district and it's all about having their own wrestling program.

Currently, the girls wrestle within the boys' program, but they say that is not equal and they're willing to raise money to pay for their coach.

They said they are upset with the district, voicing their frustration to the school board, hoping they'll reconsider. But there was no indication from the board that will happen.

The school's superintendent said they have girls wrestling and it will remain under the umbrella of the boys' program.

"Us girls deserve to have our own program. We've fought so many battles. We've went through hoops, and we were always underneath the guys," said Maddy Arnold, a 10th-grade wrestler.

About 30 people in support of the girls were at the school board meeting, asking for a fully independent girls wrestling team. They plan to have about 25 players and want their own head coach. Instead, they'll be housed within the boys' program.

"There's a lot of matches where there was four girls wrestling and they had to hold our matches up because we didn't have enough coaches," Arnold said.

Pictures capture their passion. They love the sport so much that they're willing to raise $12,000 to pay for its launch.

"Nationwide, girls wrestling is the fastest growing of all sports," said Jordan Dempsey, an 11th-grade wrestler.

Last spring, the team met with superintendent Stu Moeckel. He said to start their own program, they would have to fund the first years. As the girls gathered money, he encouraged the school board to vote to keep things the same.

"I do believe the district is trying to do what they think is best. I don't think they fully understand where they are coming from," Dempsey said.

The girls said this is not just about them, but future generations.

"We want what's best. Something that's going to help us improve even more. Something that's going to make us not good, but great," Dempsey said.

Parents called their daughters trailblazers.

"I can't even express how proud we are of our girls. It's a tremendous feat for them. It's great," said parent Amber Arnold.

The district superintendent said he had no comment as to why he recommended the school board keep girls wrestling under the boys' program.


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