Students at Prairie Creek Elementary School are returning to their building that was heavily damaged by a tornado that ripped through Andover back in April.

Some in the district are calling it a miracle they can return to the school after parts of the building's roof were torn off. The cafeteria also suffered extensive damage and glass was shattered throughout the building. Students were temporarily relocated to five other schools in the district.

"A lot of our kindergarteners are friends with fourth graders, so they didn't get to see each other and now they'll all get to see each other again," said Jennifer Eimers, Prairie Creek Elementary School substitute and parent.

Principal Shawn Springer credits the hard work of Hutton Construction for the efficient repairs. They fixed the roof, added a new gym floor and installed new carpet throughout the school.

"You'd be amazed by the number of things that are inside of school that had to be moved out of the school, stored over the summer, gone through to see what was salvageable and then bring all that stuff back," Springer said.

Springer said there is some work on the roof that still needs to be done. He did not give a specific date, but said the roof is solid so they won't have any water issues.