The summer heat has taken its toll across Kansas and with temperatures hitting the triple digits again this weekend, people like Tim Galvan, admit it can sometimes be hard or outright dangerous just to step outside. "It’s been really hot, I gotta admit, this couple of times first started getting a little delirious, you know, just from how hot it was."

It's that scorching sun that Galvan says led him to find some relief in his neighborhood library. "It's nice and cool. It's a real blessing, especially since I enjoy reading and doing research."

Staying inside, when you can, is exactly what Joshua Davis says others can and should be doing to beat the heat.  "Getting inside is really the most important thing as best as you can stay inside with these kinds of severe heat is really the ideal way to prevent heat related illnesses."

Davis is an emergency medicine physician at Ascension Via Christi St Francis. He says this summer, their emergency room has been busy with people coming in with heat related illness. “Nobody really is immune to this. I mean, we do have some populations that are particularly at risk for kind of the homeless and the elderly and young children but I mean, nobody is immune to this. We've seen people of all ages come in with very severe illness, some of whom have to be admitted to the hospital."

If you can't get inside, Davis says the next best thing is staying hydrated and finding some shade. He says any sort of relief can go a long way in keeping you healthy. "Even temporarily, for 10 or 15 minutes can help your body kind of reset itself and avoid kind of the heat related illnesses."

He adds that's it's also important to recognize what signals your body may be sending you, before you end up in the hospital.

"The first sign is actually kind of starting to feel dehydrated and so when you start to feel that your body is actually you're actually behind the 8-ball already, you really should be staying on top of hydration and to the point where you don't feel dehydrated."

David continues "The next kind of symptoms you start to feel are kind of over sweating, and starting to get kind of generalized weakness and then, as you had mentioned, the point of kind of delirium and confusion is kind of the end of the spectrum, to the point where the person who's actually experiencing it actually won't even recognize it anymore."