It seems like we have been feeling the pain at the pump for ages now, but for travelers living or driving through the City of McPherson, they may be in for a nice surprise.

According to AAA, on Friday August 5, the national price for a gallon of gas is about $4.11 a gallon, but right now, in McPherson Kansas, you can snag a gallon of gas for under 3 dollars.... and not just at one gas station either. There are a few stops providing some ease for your wallet.

"I may buy her dinner tonight," one traveler said laughing. 

"School supplies would be a big one right now and shoes.... that is a big one... they are like $100 a pop right now," Shandelle Wolfe said.

Travelers in McPherson described what they will do with their savings at the pump.

Hutchinson resident, Shandelle Wolfe, drove almost 30 minutes for it. She says it's worth it.

"It's almost 4 dollars still in Hutchinson, so I don't know why I wouldn't fill up here," Wolfe said. "It's worth the savings."

The below average prices have some residents traveling to score them and leaving some out-of-towners just making sure they don't roll past them.

"I did. I saw the sign back there and I was like man I hadn't seen $2.95 in a long time," Jeremy Battenfield, an Oklahoma City resident said Friday. "The last time that I filled up, because we are pulling the trailer, was about 200 miles ago. It was $4.95, so when I saw this... I was like 'oh it's either a typo or whatever,' but we are going to check it out."

It's a city Battenfield will keep in mind on his way back through town from OKC.

Darren Friesen is a local resident who was also filling up at a nearby travel store.

"Oh... $85... $90... Usually... so it adds up pretty quickly," Darren Friesen, an Andover resident said on what it has been costing him lately to fill up his truck with fuel. 

"It's nice to see a relief on the price so," Friesen said. "....64 bucks today for 21 gallons... so there you go. I'll take it absolutely."

While gas prices may never be quite where we would like to see them, customers say they are certainly getting better. 

As shared by AAA:  "According to new data from the Energy Information Administration (EIA), gas demand dropped from 9.25 million b/d to 8.54 million b/d last week. The rate is 1.24 million b/d lower than last year and is in line with demand at the end of July 2020, when COVID-19 restrictions were in place and fewer drivers hit the road. Moreover, according to EIA, total domestic gasoline stocks increased slightly by 200,000 bbl to 225.3 million bbl. If gas demand remains low and stocks continue to rise alongside falling crude prices, drivers will likely continue to see pump prices decrease."