After a shocking landslide victory by the opposition to the "Value them Both" amendment, Kansans for Constitutional Freedom say even their staff were surprised by how much Kansans came out to vote against the amendment. Spokesperson Ashley All says "this fight really was about protecting the access that we have in Kansas, we have a constitutional right to access abortion, and that is something that we successfully protected."

Voters sided with the "No" vote 59 percent to 41 percent Tuesday night, preserving the state's constitutional right to abortion. 

So, what comes next? All says they are not about to spring into another issue but instead focus the continued defense of abortion rights in Kansas. "I have no doubt that there will be additional bills that will be put forward in the spring, to limit access in other ways and I don't think that'll change. I think that we will still have to have conversations with voters about this issue, we will continue to have to raise the alarm when thing you know, when bad bills are put forward. And that is going to be critical."

As for the Yes Vote, the “Value them Both” coalition says in a statement that Tuesday night "is a temporary setback, and our dedicated fight to value women and babies is far from over. As our state becomes an abortion destination, it will be even more important for Kansans to support our pregnancy resource centers, post-abortive ministries, and other organizations that provide supportive care to women facing unexpected pregnancies. We will be back."

Dr. Neal Allen, a political science professor for Wichita State says the state's legislature "will have to go back to the drawing board, and see whether there are more regulations they can pass to get through the state Supreme Court, or maybe to have a different amendment and to come back in 2024, or later, with different language possibly that actually includes exceptions for health life of mother and victims of rape and incest, instead of just raising those possibilities of exceptions."