WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - A Sedgwick County Jail inmate told investigators last month that he lit hemorrhoid cream on fire in order to soften to the point that he created a hole to retrieve electronics and marijuana from the outside. 

A stranger twist in the case came when the inmate said a jail deputy, 22-year-old Dustin Burnett, saw what was happening and didn't stop it or report it, according to a court document released Tuesday.

During their investigation, the sheriff's office put together a massive search of the entire jail last month and found all kinds of contraband including 20 shanks, a handcuff key, drugs and a lighter. The inmates were apparently planning using the shanks to attack deputies and cause a riot, Sheriff Jeff Easter said. 

A probably cause affidavit states the unidentified inmate who created the hole in the window told a detective he wanted to give "the entire story" in exchange for transfer out of the county for his safety. The detective agreed, provided the inmate's information was accurate. 

The inmate said he'd been bullied by members of the Vato Loco Boys gang for about a month and that he had made approximately 20 weapons out of metal outlet covers and door strike plates for the gang. 

Sheriff Easter said deputies learned the inmates were planning to receive a handgun through the hole in the window. He said he was grateful that his office was able to prevent that from happening. He added he gave the weapons directly to a gang member who was providing him protection, adding that said member threatened to kill him if he didn't do ask asked. 

The inmate reported he was moved to a specific cell for the purposes of placing a hole in its window and that the window cannot be seen from the door. he told the detective that on July 17, he started to put a hole in the wall by lighting hemorrhoid cream on fire to melt the plastic. He said Deputy Burnett caught him, said he "was going to get caught and get into trouble eventually," and then left. He added the deputy didn't come back or make another round for a while. 

Dustin Burnett

According to the affidavit, the inmate said it took him about 3.5 hours to get a hole in the window. He state he held the flame to the window to soften it and used a pipe from a jail sink and a food tray to punch a hole in the window. He said someone had arranged to receive two cellphones and drug through the window from the outside via rope made out of bed linens.

"(The inmate) states Deputy Burnett opened the cell door and found all the Inmates in the cell while they were pulling items into the cell," the affidavit says. "(The inmate) said Deputy Burnett witnessed the entire event and the inmates actually showed him the sock full of contraband which had just came from the window ... said Deputy Burnett walked away from the cell and did not say anything other than 'don't get into trouble.'" 

An unidentified person in the affidavit told Burnett not to worry and that the deputy was "benefiting from this too," according to the inmate.

Burnett has since been fired and is charged with two counts of official misconduct and five counts of unlawful sexual relations. 

Sheriff Easter said deputies also learned inmates were planning to receive a handgun through the hole in the window. He said he was grateful they were able to prevent that from happening.