Just because the Aug. 2 Kansas primary is upon us, it doesn’t mean campaign efforts in Wichita are slowing down. 

"We need to get involved,” Debbie Wise said. “It's our state of Kansas, and it's really all about Kansas."

At the intersection of 21st and Rock in northeast Wichita on Monday, supporters of the proposed abortion amendment gathered for a sign wave. The proposed amendment, if passed, could lead to restrictions on abortion, up to an all-out ban, in Kansas. 

"It's an important issue, for sure, so I'm glad people are passionate about it,” attendee Raegan Sowders said. 

Lucrecia Nold, a Wichita field director for the Value Them Both coalitions, helped organize the event. Participants were encouraging people driving by to “Vote Yes.”

"Our goal is just to get all of our volunteers who have put so much hard work and effort in over the last few months to just gather together and support Value them Both,” Nold said. 

But this group wasn’t the only one in Wichita making a last-ditch effort Monday. Across town at Bishop Carroll Catholic High School, people came together for another sign wave. 

Most people who showed up were in support of the amendment, but not all. 

“We're out here showing how we feel, because this is…there is so much writing on tomorrow night,” one woman against the amendment told KAKE News. “There really is.”

Another group of people, both for and against the amendment, stood on a Wichita overpass, also catching drivers passing by. Over 33,000 Kansans have already cast their vote in the primary election via early voting. 

"This is an election that every vote is going to matter, every single vote, and so we just want to make sure everybody knows that and to get out to word,” Nold said.