The Wichita Police Department is investigating a burglary report on a busy Wichita street overnight, forcing a local business to close for day the Tuesday.

Vehicles were still circling West Street Burgers Tuesday, but they weren't taking any food back with them. They were instead being met with a sign that read 'Burglarized. No phone. No internet. Need a day to fix everything. Sorry!'

"We closed up. We got broken into," Shawn Meyer, the owner of West Street Burgers said to many customers who attempted to grab lunch Tuesday. "We got broke into last night about 1:36 AM. Someone busted the door open, broke the point-of-sale system, broke the alarm system, cut the internet and the phone lines to the building..."

Shawn Meyer has owned the business for nearly 20 years and says the store has been broken into a time or two before, over the course of his ownership spanning two decades, but never anything quite like this.

"They never went this extreme on cutting the phone lines and everything. We don't keep any money in the registers. We got a camera and an alarm system, so it's a pretty bad idea to risk your freedom and everything for no money," he said.

He keeps the register empty and the drawer normally open at night. 

"If you leave it open, it shows that there's no cash in the drawer," he said referring to his register. 

But for some reason he doesn't believe it was left open last night. He says an open and empty drawer serves as a bit of a warning to intruders.

"So that was a mistake on our part," he said about not leaving it intentionally open, as the store normally would have Monday night into Tuesday.

"I think I am going to get a sign saying that we don't keep any money in the registers at night. Maybe that will help," he said.

Meyer shared photos from his security cameras with KAKE. He says someone left behind a 2-thousand dollar mess in repairs and stole nothing, but a full day's worth of business.

"It's not worth your time or effort. Go get a job. We work hard for our money. Everybody here works hard. Nothing good is free. Use your talents for something else and try to make an honest dollar. Contribute to society," he said when asked about a message he has for the intruder.

Meyer hopes this person will get caught and will pay for their crime.

"....and we hope to be back open and ready for business tomorrow."

He's a business owner that is encouraging other businesses, as well as the community, to keep their eyes and ears open too.

Wichita Police want to encourage anyone who may know who this individual might be, to reach out to their Investigations Unit at (316) 268-4407.